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October 2014 Updates!

October 27th, 2014 - It's that time of year again for. . . You guessed it: BRUNKTĂ–BERFEST! That's right, Brunkamaniacs, on this day I turn 30 years old. Yes, that's right -- I'm officially 30 freakin' years old.

Not including the blinking mushroom I'm holding, there are 30 mushrooms in this picture. Whoopdidity-freakin'-doo!

In the days leading up to my birthday, I've churned out some totally whizzo LEGO creations, in additions to some hilarious vignettes -- all of which are available on here, my Tumblr page, and my Instagram feed. Most notably, my electronic musical versions of iconic Super Mario Bros. sprites -- Invincibility Starmen and Mushrooms!

Mushroom Video DemonstrationMushroom Tutorial / Starman Video DemonstrationStarman Tutorial

Building these particular models was a lot easier than making the DL-44 Blaster pistol, to say the least. For this circuitry, I've used an ATtiny85 instead of an ATmega328, hence the production was much simpler and streamlined. Nonetheless, I plan on making more electronic LEGO creations in the future. By the way, I'm gradually improving my photography skills, which means I'm considering making large prints of my creations to show off at art galleries -- details forthcoming!

-Baron von Brunk

August 2014 Updates!

August 17th, 2014 - I'm back, Brunkamaniacs, and have I got some totally whizzo news! Remember my experimental prototype LEGO DL-44 blaster from the previous update? Well, I've gone and refined it into an updated Mk. II draft, which uses its own custom circuit that I built and programmed via Arduino Uno!

See the tutorial on InstructablesSupport this project on LEGO Ideas Demonstration video

It would be an understatement to say this project was difficult and rather frustrating to build -- from the design to the coding -- from the electronics work to the inevitble troubleshooting. In fact, on Friday August 8th I finished soldering the final circuit board for the sound, but then I ran into a severe electrical error during Saturday's photo shoot that resulted in the battery malfunctioning, thus I stayed up until 4 AM Sunday figuring out what the problem was. Sure enough, more problems occurred during Sunday's re-shoot, and I didn't finally get everything up and running again until midnight. The whole project was polished and ready to be online by Monday night, with exactly 14 minutes to spare for the Instructables Toy Brick Contest 2014! Ooh-rah. Semper Fi.

Check out the above links for the various tutorials and voting pages for its respective contests. Also head over to my Tumblr and Flickr for bigger photo shoots, and be sure to share! In other updates, I've been experimenting more with direct-to-garment print for custom t-shirts. For those of you unaware, direct-to-garment is a new form of technology that allows any image of various colors to be transferred permanently to fabric. No more iron-on transfers like those cheap CafePress shirts -- these bad boys are as durable as screen printing -- only without the hassle of setting up screens and reducing colors. Imagine this: direct-to-garment machines are like full-color computer printers, but instead of paper, it's a t-shirt, and instead of printer toner, it's the same kind of ink they use in screen printing. I've gotten several Baron von Brunk and Reel Splatter shirts done as samples for myself, and hopefully soon I can sell these in bulk once I've fully refined the designs.

Below are some photos of various designs I've gotten in short orders. I'm going to slightly adjust some of the designs, and then sell these as regular items on this site:

For the Ultra Hexacon (N64, left) shirt, I'm basically satisfied, but I'm going to slightly adjust the edges to be less frayed. As for the Baron von Brunk shirt (right), I screwed up with the transparencies, hence if you look closely, some of the dark areas are patchy, and the little Amish guy's hat has a big grey circle. Again, these were just samples I ordered to gauge the material and quality.

A few months back I ordered some samples of my Game Boy and Game Boy Advance Transformer shirts from another company:

My friends like the Domaster & Tetrawing best (Game Boy, left), and as for Vantage (Game Boy Advance, right) I'm going to order that one on dark purple instead of black -- kind of like how I did with the dark grey Ultra Hexacon shirts. Do you think the Game Boy shirts would look good on olive drab?

And finally, if you live in Germany, be sure to look out for my interview in the video game magazine Games Aktuell!

I'm big in Europe, and my NES controller is big in New York.

-Baron von Brunk

July 2014 Updates!

July 1st, 2014 - It's been a while, but I have some rather jolly good news for your folks. For starters, in early May I completed a top-secret new LEGO creation made in time for Star Wars Day. I built an electronic replica of Han Solo's iconic DL-44 Blaster, which was painstakingly rigged with some hacked parts and a custom microchip to produce lights and sounds. This elaborate model was merely an experimental prototype -- hence I only published it on Facebook and Instagram, rather than promoting it. Currently I'm improving the design and electronic functions, so that I can release a tutorial with a more streamlined approach to building the electronics for easy replication. Nonetheless, here are some photos of the Mk.1 design:



I definitely shot first -- at 8 AM when I stayed up all night building this freakin' thing.

I'm tinkering with making the new microchip made custom from Autodesk 123D or perhaps via a Gerber file, so that anyone can download my schematic and make custom printed circuit boards rather than going through the hassle of rigging up a bunch of Radio Shack parts like I did. I hear tell Instructables is holding another LEGO contest this summer -- ergo, I'll hold off on releasing the tutorial for this until the date is announced! Stick around.

After the blaster, I built a new mosaic sprite lamp -- but this time, a complicated yet elegant three-sided Legend of Zelda spiritual stone lamp inspired by Ocarina of Time! This particular creation was well received amongst fans, and was given plenty of acclaim on multiple sites. Check out an aggregate of some of the shout-outs here at my media page, and without any further ado, here's the new lamp. . .

Speaking of my media page, a few weeks back I had the honor of being interviewed by Fine Tuning347! In this interview, I go into detail about my design process, and shed some light on the history of how I began making the colorful projects you all love today. For all of my fans in Deutschland, be on the lookout for my interview in the gaming magazine Games Aktuell -- and for those of you in the U.K., I hope you enjoyed my little feature in Official Nintendo Magazine! Again, links to my press/media information can be found here.

Last but not least, in May 2014 I bought a remote control for my Nikon DSLR -- hence I can take self-portraits without having to resort to the awkward usage of selfies!


If you're interested in obtaining a high-resolution print of one of these portraits, please e-mail me: they make great natural aphrodisiacs.

Be on the lookout for the Mk.2 version of my Han Solo DL-44 Blaster, as well as yet another mosaic sprite portrait -- coming soon to an internet near you, this summer!

-Baron von Brunk

April 2014 Updates!

April 19th, 2014 - Have I got some updates for you folks! Well then, grease up your eyeballs and plunge right into the world of Brunk. During the winter season, I began using a DSLR camera for the first time. I'm now the proud owner of a Nikon D5200 -- and although I'm gradually getting the hang of the manual settings and lenses and whatnot, I'm taking better-looking refined photos of my LEGO creations. Head over to the LEGO page to see some recent stuff, such as an illuminated Zelda portrait, some more Super Mario vignettes, and a brand new LEGOformer!

See it on Instructables to take a stab at building your own!

I've also made some totally whizzo print and t-shirt designs of these bad boys. The prints are now available on my deviantArt page! As for the shirts, I'm currently getting a few test samples printed via direct-to-garment printing, which is like screen printing, only better -- and with 4-color process as opposed to spot colors.

- -

Again, be sure to follow me on Instagram to get a ringside seat at all of my best creations during their work-in-progress sessions, and make sure to check out my Flickr page for high-resolution images of most of my photos.

This forthcoming May, I'm going to release one helluva badass electronic LEGO creation that's bound to dazzle the likes of you all! It's sort of top secret at the moment, and currently undergoing more revisions and electrical testing before being published online. Check back here and all of of my various social media sites to get more information.

And now for something completely different. . .

It's Baron von Brunk along with NYC burlesque girl Charles Stunning -- and Tristan, the newborn infant son of burlesque girl Cheri Cola!

-Baron von Brunk

January 2014 Updates!

January 25th, 2014 - Welcome back, Brunkamaniacs, to the all-new updated 2014 Baronvonbrunk.com! I've completely re-built the site and made things much fancier: the social media navigator has more content, the title bar is updated, the background is changed, and most importantly, the LEGO page has been integrated with the site rather than externally linking to Tumblr! Take a gander and let me know what you think.

In the meantime, here are some general updates - so grease up your eyeballs and plunge into the realm of Brunk. . .

Back in September I finally upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy and joined Instagram at last. I no longer really use Twitter, so be sure to follow me on Instagram to get a ringside seat at all of my work-in-progress photos and occasionally selfies to show off my current facial hair. Also as of now, I'm still currently working as a graphic designer for that sports company in Long Island, but I'm also about to soon get in on the ground floor of yet another new electronics startup in Manhattan - only this time it's the real McCoy, in which I have more faith in the products (to say the least), not like that crappy Tzumi junk I got involved with in 2011. The horror, the horror. But seriously, folks: things have been rather busy up here in my attic workshop in Queens. I spent most of the summer of 2013 working on that badass LEGO Nintendo 64 Transformer, which honestly ate into my personal free time - but I don't regret a thing. Right now I'm focusing on hopefully getting another small gallery to show off my LEGO creations, like the Nintendo World event I had last spring. I know I keep saying this every year, but now that my career is advancing steadily in my favor, I'm honestly hoping to get a totally whizzo loft apartment in TriBeCa within the year - you know, like an entire floor of a warehouse like Tom Hanks did in "Big" - arcade machines and all! That would totally whip a camel's ass with a belt. Party at my place - pants optional. . .

I've been rather reclusive in the recent months due to my passion for creating things alone and eating Chinese food, but I did manage to "get out" (so to speak) a few times and make an attempt at being social in the summer/fall of 2013 - notably, I went to the classic Nickelodeon reunion in the Upper East Side and got an autographed copy of the book "Slimed! An Oral History of Nickelodeon's Golden Age" - and yes, I got to meet several original cast members from the shows we all know so well. . .

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I bring you: "Baron Meets the Fella Who Played Gary on Are You Afraid of the Dark?"

Who's that bloke? Why it's the original Ferguson from Clarissa Explains it All!

For my annual Yule celebration in December, I moseyed on down to my hometown of Lancaster, PA to spend some time with my good kemosabes at Reel Splatter Productions. Speaking of which, my righteous chap Mike Lombardo recently finished a few new short films - completely polished and unlike any of his previous works - totally shot on quality DSLR cameras and with professional audio editing. That's right, folks: "The Stall", the Lovecraft-inspired apocalypse tale is finally for sale on DVD and available to watch on YouTube! This horrid short film stars another one of my longest known best friends, Skot Shaub of the quirky rock-comedy fusion band Testosteroso, and the soundtrack was composed by my pal Erik O'Blivion and his musical project Audiodrome. Dig it!

Where will YOU be when this bad boy hits the film fest circuit!?

Can you believe Reel Splatter just turned 10 years old? Way back when Lombardo was some 16-year old kid with a camcorder, he started out making violent backyard movies with horrible effects and copyrighted Rob Zombie songs -- but throughout the past ten years, Reel Splatter evolved into a serious film troupe of a higher caliber with professional equipment, especially with film festival notoriety. To celebrate the years we've spent together -- from immature teenagers to career-focused artists, we actually had a mini celebration, complete with custom cookie cake and yes. . . Custom etched wine bottles courtesy of yours truly:


"Putting the laughter back in slaughter" - Thank you for the last ten years of keeping it Reel.

Reel Splatter's releasing a new gruesome comedy short in February -- in which you'll see some familiar faces from our older works, and even a new actor who bears a striking resemblance to me. After that, Mr. Lombardo is going to hit up the film festival circuits throughout the U.S. and Canada to peddle his artistic blood, guts, and tentacles. Speaking of violence (heh, nice segue), right after New Years, I got to fire an AK-47 and an AR-15 at a range in Long Island! And who says assault rifles aren't welcomed here in New York!? Lousy commie pinkoes. 'Murica.



These rifles had some kick (to say the least), so I had about the accuracy of a Stormtrooper or one of the guys from The A-Team - but at least I managed to hit 'em in the gonads a couple of times! For this cardboard thug, his days of playing tug-o-war with Cyclops are over.

Since last fall, I've been working on several jolly good LEGO models and doing some unorthodox techniques like integrating microchips and LEDs in my projects. I've of course tinkered with electronic LEGO creations in the past, but in the recent months, I've been getting more serious and doing several illuminated projects -- a few of which are still in development. Some of the works featured below have been published in Instructables and sometimes entered in contests; below you'll see a bunch of my latest models, which are of course also available in detail on my brand-spanking-new LEGO aggregate page:

Fully-Functional Traffic Signal! Check out the Instructables tutorial and build your own.

Mosaic Super Mario Bros. "Lite Brite" lamp! Like the traffic light, check out the Instructables tutorial and build your own. By the way, this project won a runner-up prize in the Make it Glow contest - so I ended up winning an Arduino Duo and a nifty blacklight!

Mosaic portrait/lamp of my deceased Maine Coon Tiggs!

Prior to these shiny little things, I've done a bunch of other video game related projects and whatnot since last summer. . .

I like big guns and I cannot lie.

The hero of time just got an upgrade.


. . . And many many more! I'm serious.

That's it for now, little Brunksters! Stay out of trouble. And if a crazy man offers you a ride in his car, say NO. Unless he's rich.

- Baron von Brunk

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